Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week in Links (Guys and Dolls Edition)

"For the pleasure of the thing": The manner and frequency of questions directed at  non-Jewish scholars  in Jewish Studies fields are indicative of some of the problems with the discipline. Here's one heartening answer, anyhow. (And as a bonus factoid, apparently the Hebrew Union College holds the majority of surviving Kaifeng manuscripts.)

Mapping my Judaic Studies Career in China

Not Judaic Studies as such, but Jews studying, in Istanbul, as political pawns:

Auerbach in Istanbul

Some modern implications of medieval commentary on disobedience and punishments:

The Politics of the Binding of Isaac

Typos as modern-day, high-tech scribal errors. A welcome read after texting someone that my academic field is "ultralight history":


For the scribes who have not yet joined the digital age:

Overstock Goat Parchment Sale

The National Department of Poetry. The second-best link ever on the internet, next only to the Arabic translation of the Jabberwocky (which, in this organizational scheme, must be under the departmental jurisdiction of the Joint Chiefs of Cacophony).


The very best professional advice I've gotten lately was to separate the intellectual issues from the labor-relations issues. It's simple and makes perfectly good sense but was also a counter-intuitive revelation because of the way that those two things are unequestionedly intertwined. Another Damned Medievalist offers her take on that same thought:

This Year's Fun at MLA

A different and calmer voice on alt-ac employment, PhD production, and the academic hiring crisis:

The Road Not Taken: PhD Training, Academia and Alternative Careers

Two approaches to evidence:


Finally, if you're planning to visit New York City any time soon, watch out for needlessly cruel, animatronic movie ad campaigns:

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