Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week in Links (The 'Polar Vortext' is a Freudian Slip Edition)

On biblioclasm and its aftermath:

On the Trail of a Dismembered Book

And the other end of the book history spectrum, from the same medievalist. Or, on disseminating Beowulf in 100 tweets:

Text Technologies: #Beow100

The Elegance of Beowulf in 100 Tweets

If we're tweeting texts, then it's only sensible to think about the medium in terms of manuscripts and marginalia:


"The only way we'll really know anything about how scribes learned to write and copy is by building a time machine, but that is beyond the scope of this project."

lol my thesis

Medieval knitting:

Sutton Hoo helmet tea cosy

Coverage of a Yale English professor's death is appalling. The reporter invited student speculation on the decedent's personal life and a "biographically hortative" former townie with a chip on his shoulder is making it all about him in the comments thread. Whatever ultimately happened, a young guy is dead and it's tragic:

See's Death Meth-Induced

Two items in interfaith relations news.

Forget demographics. Onomastics is destiny:

The Trials and Hopes of of a Jordanian Muslim Named Yitzhak Rabin

Spolia from the Great Mosque of Córdoba produce cartoonish shadows:


I have only ever been to the MLA once. I'm never going again. I'm not even going to reproduce the headline here for the link. Also, be aware that this may not be safe for work.


And finally, back to where we started, with biblioclasm. Forget about the week in links. This is the week in libraries destroyed, by country. Notice what percentage of these libraries are not in an active war zone:


Lebanon (with efforts to rebuild the collection)

US of A

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

Clearly not enough people following Geoffrey Chaucer's advice:

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