Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book-Finishing Marathon, Day Ten

My new printer arrived yesterday and is finally installed, set up and functioning.

I am halfway through a record second course of antibiotics* for my record third round of winter upper-respiratory crud.

My academic plate is also a little bit clearer, although i still have a lot of little odds and ends to take care of. Nevertheless I have finished my third-year review dossier, an article, and my graduate syllabus for the spring.

I am optimistic that book productivity, which has been negligible up to this point, will improve quickly and dramatically. It has to. Book productivity is back-against-the-wall non-optional at this point.

*I never take antibiotics and am proud not to be contributing to the pandemic of antibiotic-resistant bugs, but have somehow managed, in the space of this one year, to have take as many courses of antibiotics as I have in the previous thirty combined. Forget about 2013 in books. How about 2013 in miracle drugs?

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