Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Week or So In Links (The Mummers' Edition)

Two links on the cost of academic publishing. One newer, one older:

Against $100 Books

Want to Change Academic Publishing? Just Say No.

More in chatter on the profession, a few posts on choosing to go the grad school or not. I think the one from Slate is uniquely problematic:

Thinking About Grad School? NYPL Can Help!

Should I go to Grad School?


Google Maps for the Middle Ages:

Caminos de Sefarad

Also, a way to find your way around them:

Jewish Astrolabes

And some theorizing about teaching and digital medievalism:

Literature Compass 9:2


Lots of good year-end writing on manuscript studies and the art of writing by hand in general:

A Winter Day in Jerusalem

The Conservation of Codex Alexandrinus

The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note

Codex in Crisis

A 16th-century (not what most people would call medieval, but nevermind) Spanish castle, reassembled, totally appropriately, in California:

Medieval Church Finds Home in California

The medieval year in review:

One Step Ahead of the Shoe Shine...

Top 10 Medieval News Stories of 2012

Oh, and just in case anyone was still wondering:

Mystery Solved

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