Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Fortnight in Links (The Multimedia Edition)

First, three posts on the status of the Arabic language in totally different contexts:

An interview with the prominent medievalist Maribel Fierro, in which she advocates including Arabic and Islam as a more central part of the academic study of the Middle Ages. Unfortunately this is still a fairly radical and controversial position:

El árabe se debería enseñar en los departamentos de Historia Medieval

More in a non-written format from two more senior luminaries in my field:

The Qur'ān and the Discovery of Writing

On what constitutes linguistic normalcy for writers in diglossic situations:

I'm Not Interested in Preserving the Beauty of the Language


Next, lovely pictures of mostly medieval books:

A Bible with Curtains

Creatures of the Medieval Mind

Specs inside the cover!

And detritus in the cover:

Medieval Flower Time Travels (probably used as bookmark)

And roughly relatedly (and I can't believe I missed this when it first appeared), using damage to pages to study zoology:

Holes in Art Prints Help Map Beetle Populations in Europe

And finally, some digital resources:

Cambridge Digital Library

Documents from Colonial Mexico
(The link is to one document in particular that deals with accusations of Judaizing.)

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