Monday, December 31, 2012

Exciting Things on my iPad

I downloaded a PDF-reader app in order to load digitized copies of incunables that are scattered at the corners of the earth onto my iPad so that I can read them more easily. I find that being able to hold something like a book makes reading on a screen a lot less onerous than having to crane forward or down to read on a desktop monitor or laptop screen. Even so, I wasn't planning on doing anything other than extending the time period and the technologies covered by my iPad-as-high-tech-primary-source-reader general approach to things. But then I had to read a dissertation, and rather than lug it around and juggle 300 unbound pages, I just decided to try reading it on my iPad. Just to see. Since I had the app, and all. 

And it turns out I'm loving it!

I'm finally able to organize my PDFs in a way I haven't been able to get my head around in the past, and having the touch screen better approximates the experience of taking notes by hand than trying to annotate on a computer does.

Plus, the Metropolitan Museum has recently digitized a bunch of its exhibition catalogues, including the legendary Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain, a seriously hefty tome that's out of print but one of the most important . In addition to making it easier to find reliable digital images and assign chapters to students in classes, I can tote the whole volume around with me, along with other relevant ones

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