Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Week in Links (Do You Have a Clever Subtitle? Edition)

I totally support institutes that bring in visiting scholars regularly building housing for them:

A Battle over Faculty Housing

Translating the Bible into Arabic is a topic near and dear, and it's no less fascinating in its modern iterations than its medieval ones:

Translating the Trinity for Muslims

Julian Barnes' writing is sublime. I'd recommend starting with A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters if you don't know his work:

My Life as a Bibliophile

First Hebrew MS to reference the New World. Awesome, Dan Brown reference notwithstanding:

Tales of Medieval Daring

More on good reasons for destroying old books:

Witness of Alfonso X's Siete Partidas Serving as a Cover for a Notarial Book

Another lovely paean to glorious irrelevance:

A Much Higher Education

A physician writes about interacting with college students who assume she is a man and are baffled by the fact that she also writes:

Assuming the Doctor is a He

I'm moving books in my own personal Titanic (bad analogy for a pre-tenure prof to use to refer to her office, though, no?), so I'm especially sympathetic. I think that over the long term, though, the way to make this work is to use a library as a hands-on teaching tool, thereby ensuring that you will eventually have really well-educated students who can help contemplate, intelligently, the best way to arrange your library:

Moving the Books on the Titanic

This would be so cool if it weren't based on Wikipedia data:

Graphing the History of Philosophy

The generic first-person-shooter game gives way to the first-person-shoot-Salman-Rushdie game:

Fatwa Turned into Iranian Video Game

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