Friday, July 13, 2012

The Continued Saga of My Pageviews

I swear. This isn't going to become a super frequent or regular thing.


I'm getting a lot of pageviews from StumbleUpon, but when I click the link that people have ostensibly followed, it takes me to an ad, and the stats counter isn't giving me data about what post it's  taking people to. So, a request: If you've gotten here via StumbleUpon, could you leave a comment telling me what from my blog has been shared there? Thanks much.


Okay. I wanted funny search results, and I've gotten them. These are all in the last four days (ironically, since I reverted the blog to being invisible to Google, though I presume it takes a while to clear from the cache):

Search term: nice and new amthal
Place: Beirut, Lebanon
Result: Women Poets, Part II

Search term: you are the reason why i draw hearts all over my notebook
Place: Maharastra, India
Result: Translation Diary, Entry #5

Search term: luftmenschlichkeit
Place: Quebec
Result: Leap Post (oddly, and not the post in which I actually use the word luftmenschlichkeit)

Search term: amthal in english mother's day
Place: Al-Fayyum, Egypt
Result: Translation Diary, Entry #6

Search term: translator diary make entries
Place: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Result: Translation Diary, Entry #2

Search term: sweden academic dress
Place: Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
Result: Pomp, Circumstance and Sweat

Search term: complete any 8 hour appointment sims social on facebook
Place: Joao Pessoa, Brazil
Result: Medieval Video Games

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