Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Week in Links (Misunderstanding Scripture Edition)

I really wanted this to be interesting, but it just isn't:

The Naked Truth

This looks like it will be useful in teaching, and a good read, too. On the list for once the semester is over:

Interpreting Shariah Law Across the Centuries


*Finally!* (Frequent emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAbles, and he almost makes it through without confusing Muslims and Arabs but does it once at the very end. But still.):

Islam, the Qur'ān, and the Five Pillars: Crash Course World History


Great though John Green is, it is Mary Beard who is quickly becoming my new-media role model:

The Saturday Interview: Professor Mary Beard

I have no problem with artifacts being in private hands as long as they are catalogued well and made accessible to scholars (at a minimum) and the public (ideal). And good for this guy for doing something really worthwhile with his fortune. But I'm not sure what I think about explicitly Jewish artifacts of Bible readership (13th-century Spanish Torah scroll, images two and fifteen; 11th-century Karaite book of prophets, image three; 16th-century cover for a copy of Megilat-Esther, image twelve) being included in an exhibition and possibly eventually a permanent museum collection "aimed at showing the ties that bind all denominations of Christianity." One has to wonder what angle will be played:

Hobby Shop Magnate's Own Passion is the Collection of Bible Artifacts

And in news of the completely-forgivable-misuses-of-the-world-medieval variety, the Children's Medieval Band cover German metal music:

Meanwhile in Germany...


  1. Not to mention that Mr. Green eliminates the notion of revelation from the Judaeo-Christian traditions.

  2. Yes, although to be fair he does include it in the one on Judaism and Christianity in the Roman Empire...

  3. (Also, you should be writing your symposium paper and not commenting on my blog. ;) )