Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week in Links (Formerly the Cultural Imperialism Edition, Now Just The Gosh-This-List-Got-Long Edition)

Apparently it's been a long week.

Say it ain't so, Lord Melchett:

Stephen Fry Lends Support to Greek Calls to Return Elgin Marbles to Athens

An illustrated history of Syria could be better:

A Plot in Syria

But it doesn't really matter since Palmyra's been looted:

Experts Sound Alarm over Syrian Archaeological Treasures

Dot, dot, dash, dash, we're Morse College, kiss our axe:

A Behind the Scenes Look at Gmail Tap

Speaking of Google's April Fool's Jokes, this is completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but is kind of brilliant:

Google Maps 8-Bit for NES

And speaking of Morse College, this has been out for a while but I didn't see it until this week. There's something very universal about it, of course, which is why it works, but there's also something so familiar and Yale-y. Feels like home:

The Twists of Fate that can Mean Everything to an Untogether Student

I have consistently regretted not having taken this class as an undergraduate, so I'm excited that I'll have now a chance to sit the lectures as and when:

AMST 246: Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald

Seven New Open Yale Courses 

Dear Class of 2012, 
Please stop complaining. You've got nothing on us.  
Love, proofreading and time machines,  
A member of the Class of 2005.

Barbara Walters Not Good Enough For Yale Seniors, As It Turns Out


Elsewhere in the Ivy League, I can't believe that the editors at NPR looked at the headline they had written and didn't jump at the opportunity to change it to "Docs in Socks":

Fox in Socks! Dartmouth Names its Medical School after Dr. Seuss.

The methodological and ethical problems of publishing a book that purports to rank America's top 300 college professors based on the rankings can hardly be enumerated. SpanishProf, much to her credit, takes more of a stab at it than I'm willing to:

Princeton Review Ranks Top 300 Professors

A banjo duel at the Chronicle of Higher Ed on the ethics of academic book reviews:

Why Bother Writing Book Reviews?

The Endangered Scholarly Book Review

Speaking of ethical problems (of a completely different magnitude) it is a very dubious distinction to have risen to a level of moral turpitude, so early in a career, that would justify stripping even a full professor of tenure:

MIT Researcher Busted in Undercover Sex Sting

To end on a happier note, Thomas Milo's work makes both my inner wannabe-graphic designer and not-so-inner Arabist very, very excited:

An Archigrapheme Analyzed

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