Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Week in Links (The I'm Not in Boston at the 222nd Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society Edition)

Don't you hate it when your 14th-century Slovakian castle catches on fire?

Slovakian Medieval Castle Burns Down

Egyptology. The state pen. This week's curious news from the ancient Near East:

Hieroglyphics Turn Prisoner Away From a Life of Crime 

Of course I'm biased because it's part of my university, but ISAW does a very nice little exhibition. I haven't seen this one yet, but if it's like their others it'll be well worth a trip:

Artifacts Show Sophistication of Ancient Nomads

I'm familiar with loads of versions of the life of Alexander the Great (because, as this video explains, "Alexander was great at being a dead person"). This one is possibly my new favorite. In addition to being amusing, it's interesting in the way it treats the question of what is construed as "greatness" in history:

Alexander the Great and The Situation... the Great?

Always nice to see the dead-and-deadlies (that's ancient and obscure languages, for readers not up on the terminology) featured in the press:

An Indigenous Language with Unique Staying Power

Rule, Britannica:

Encyclopedia Britannica Halts Print Publication after 244 Years

Expensive, Useless, Exploitative

Oh, and this was just cool:

Art Historians Say They Have Found Evidence of a Hidden Leonardo da Vinci

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