Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Last Couple of Weeks in Links

Theft of art from a cemetery in Cairo. If you're in a position to circulate these images to a relevant audience, please do it. Hopefully the pieces can be recovered:

Two Historic Qiswa Were Stolen!

More from Cairo, earlier in the, uh, millennium:

Practical and Theoretical Medicine in Medieval Eastern Societies: The Case of the Cairo Genizah

Ancient Greeks, meet Ottoman Jews. Homer, now in Ladino:

Holocaust Survivor Revives Jewish Dialect by Translating Greek Epic

Another video about ancient Mesopotamians because yo mama... well, because my mama studies these guys:

Mysteries of the Ancient Unknown: Yo Mama Jokes

Cornell has very strong statements on civil discourse and I found them to be really useful in establishing a good classroom environment, so I'm always interested to see what other universities issue. This one isn't for general use in that way, but of interest nonetheless:

A Statement Concerning Personal Attacks on our Student, Sandra Fluke

"Where books are burned, in the end people will burn." Please let's don't go down that road, not here:

Rudolfo Anaya on Mexican-American Studies and Book Burnings

So excited that this has finally opened at the Angelika:

The Stuff of Life in Bitter Marginalia

Some thoughts on literary translation:

Tomas Transtromer's Poetry and the Art of Translation

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