Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Week In Links (Are We There Yet? Edition)

The Observer's special section on Spanish food, including an interview with Claudia Roden:

OFM Spanish Food Special

And because apparently the Guardian conglomerate wants all its readers to have a really good time in Spain:

A Local's Guide to Seville

And two articles on nightlife in Madrid.

As seen @fsharden: What are you supposed to do with Spanish literature?

It's been interesting to see how biographical writing has gone from being what I envisioned as the theoretical framework for eventual book #2 to insinuating itself into the revisions of my dissertation book. The material does, obviously, lend itself to that kind of reading, but it's also obviously what's on my mind these days. So it was interesting to read the preliminary thoughts of another academic on the matter:

Questioning Biography Writing

The first image in this slideshow is right around the corner from my department:

Occupy Wall Street March in Pictures

Edited later in the day to add a bonus link: I'm not really sure what to make of this. It's not the old straw man that accuses professors at research universities of having cushy jobs because we "just" teach six hours a week, with the implication being that we're just hanging out the rest of the time, rather than doing the research and writing that is both expected of us and that definitely takes well above 60 hours per week. But it seems like it's a bit at the top of a slippery slope:

Do College Professors Work Hard Enough?

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