Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week in Links (Sloth Edition)

If you ignore the fact that this woman meant to say "shariah" instead of "haram," then a single sentence in this interview is a surprisingly cogent cultural history of post-Spinoza Judaism... In all seriousness, though, this sort of thing reminds me that teaching history of religion is crucial and public outreach is an important part of the job. (I'd just add, regarding the BBC version of this story, that I find "Islam gaffe" to be a delightful phrase when used as an adjective.)

Australian Politician Gets Her Facts Wrong

Islam Gaffe Candidate Quits

I only knew him through his writing and from anecdotes from people who knew him well, but this was still hard news to read. Baruch dayan ha-emet:

Samuel Gordon Armistead, Aug. 21 1927-Aug. 7, 2013

Finally, I'm going to be exceptionally lazy this week and refer you, without comment, to a few other interesting digital collections of manuscripts and bindings and related articles that I've tweeted and retweeted this week, and well as some stuff of note from the Cairo Genizah universe.

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