Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Week in Links (Back in the New York Groove Edition)

I don't care what you have to say about Spain or how lovely your photographs are if your second paragraph contains the phrase "marauding Moors and marauding Christians, pillaging in the name of Allah, God or chivalry."

An American Man's Quest to Become an Old Castilian

"Plato and Aristotle have had a life in ARabic and Persian entirely alien to the colonial codification of 'Western philosophy' — and the only effective way to make the foreign echoes of that idea familiar is to make the familiar tropes of 'Western philosophy' foreign."

Found in Translation

A friend in a field closer to that of the author's than mine is passed this along. I think it' a valuable perspective, even for academics not in the sciences and who don't have kids. This is too long of a slog to make ourselves miserable:

And, of course, there's not always such a big gulf between the sciences and the humanities as some would like to think:

Textbook typos, so to speak:

Thanks, Textbooks

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