Friday, August 23, 2013

The Best Bookstore in the Universe

I visited the very best bookstore in the known universe today. It's wondrousness is neatly epitomized by the fact that it has a dedicated "Used Malory" section. As distinct from used books by other medieval English writers. And as yet distinct again from new copies of Malory. If I have to explain it further, you'll never be able to understand.

The damage was as follows. You'll see I was in a mostly historiographic mood:

Plus this:

Plus Moomintroll notebooks:


  1. oooh, I missed the Moomintroll notebooks. Are those on the first floor to the right as you come in, or toward the back before the cookbooks?

  2. Neither! They're in the back on the left as you face it, just past the nook with the t-shirts, right before you go up the half-staircase to the children's/YA section. (Which actually, now that I"m thinking about it, might also then open up into the cookbook section. I was in book fugue and unaware of my surroundings...) I probably won't go back before you get back, but if for some reason I were to, do you want a set?