Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Sort of Vaguely Indeterminate Last Unit or So of Time in Links

At the conference I attended in Tel Aviv, I had the pleasure of meeting the editor who took a major Judaeo-Arabic work of philosophy, the Book of the Kuzari, into Arabic characters, thereby making Jewish philosophy more accessible to Islamicists and to Arabic-speakers. And then there was a snafu:

Israel Bans Lebanese Edition of Jewish Philosophical Work

The new issue of the journal Art Historiography reconsiders the category of "Islamic Art":

Islamic Art Historiography

The archaeological museum at Medinat al-Zahra has just been named the European Museum of the Year:

Museo Madinat al-Zahra "Museo Europeo del Año"


I've fallen behind in my crash course watching, and it's still very relevant:

Islam in Africa:


Snorkeling Camels (?!):

Venice and the Ottomans:


This was my Intro to Lit Theory professor in college:

Yale Scholar will be First President of New Institution

"Borges for the under-five set":

Children's Books as iPad Apps

And few links of the I-do-actually-coteach-with-a-colonialist variety:

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