Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Week in Links (The Marginally Book-Related Edition)

Mary Beard on why memorizing poetry is a good thing but why having a single national set of poems to be memorized at school is not. I also love that she knows Prufrock by heart, too:

What Poems Did You Learn At School?

A beautiful digital exhibit of Jewish books and paper arts. All the commentary's in German, unfortunately, though. Better than Czech, I suppose:

The Braginsky Collection

I told you there was medieval snail marginalia:

20 Things to Do and See While Visiting Medieval Europe

Backdating the cave paintings at Altamira:

With Science, New Portrait of the Cave Artist

And in case Neanderthals weren't enough, here is grad school as zombie apocalypse:

You are the only human being left on earth not in graduate school

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