Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Week in Links (Yale Club: Tel Leilan Edition)

As far as classes of individuals go, two that I most admire are war correspondents and the women in the first classes at Yale. This week saw the on-the-job death of a woman who was both; may Marie Colvin's memory and legacy be a blessing:

Two Western Journalists Killed in Syria Shelling

This is a lovely tribute to libraries, and in particular to my favorite libraries; I recognize part myself in part of this:

Bucket List: Library Science


In the wake of the violence this week in Afghanistan, a popular-press version of the classic, "Genizah and Genizah-like Practices in Islam":

Don't Burn After Reading

In related news, though not, strictly speaking, from this week (or even this century), encountered through some idle Googling (because Googling genizah-related terms just to see what pops up is always preferable to folding laundry):

Count Riamo d'Hulst

And some mostly harmless Latin and Anglo-Norman paleography fun — with bibliography! — made even better by the fact that it was send out via the Cornell medieval studies list with an allusion to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

Reading Old Documents

Anglo-Norman Palaeography Index

"The story of a kid with a scribble that looked like a mustache, who almost killed a man with an umbrella that looked like a rifle, on a covert operation that looked like a war" by an author I really like:

A Mustache for My Son

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