Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Week in Links (1/22-1/29)

There are other 3D, 360-degree digital tours of the church building still known as the Great Mosque of Córdoba, but this one took my breath away. The photography is incredibly high-resolution, and they lit the building well. So not only is it a navigable tour of the building, it's also the best photography I've ever seen of the space. Click through the images in the sidebar, use the map to navigate the tour, and just prepare to be awed. I'm really excited that this came across the Islamic art history listserv now because I'm teaching about this building in my intro class and will be able to use this site in illustrating my lecture:

Virtual Tour of the Great Mosque of Córdoba

I saw this first while checking my email on my iPhone in the waiting room of a doctor's office, and I sat excitedly making screen shots of the views I would want to include in my lecture.

(Click to enlarge. It's well worth it.)


Via @girlarchaeo's campaign for everybody to watch this video. I really like the beginning part about "will this be on the test?" because, in a very non-preachy way, it makes the point about that being an ill-considered question. I'm very seriously tempted to show that to my students at the beginning of classes in future semesters. I'm also hopeful that the medieval section will be of some use:

Crash Course in World History Part #1

An opportunity for any early-career medievalists (graduate students and PhDs since 2007) out there:

The Michael Camille Memorial Essay Prize

A review and slideshow of the current exhibition on the Hajj at the British Museum:

Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam

A new profile of perhaps the most important contemporary Arab poet:

Adonis: A Life in Writing

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