Monday, March 30, 2015


Since the last time I was in the Biblioteca Nacional, they have changed over to using gender-specific "reader" stickers. I asked the woman at the desk, and she said the change was fairly recent, that someone had complained and so they made a change. Instead of everyone getting a "lector" sticker, now the women get "lectora" stickers. But, as it's been said, I love the old way best... when we, too, were strong as men.


Edited, 3/31/15, to add: It occurs to me, sitting here now with an alarming neon orange "lectora" sticker stuck to my dress, and perhaps only because I'm going to a conference in the fall on the possibility of recovering female authorship from the documentary vacuum of the Middle Ages, that the rate of usage on these stickers will probably be useful to a historian someday in assessing usage of the library by gender...

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