Monday, May 26, 2014

The Week in Links (Free Frozen Yogurt for Naval Personnel Edition)

I wish I had something to contribute to the discussion about "trigger warnings" on syllabi. I don't, except to say that I think it's a terrible idea, especially as universities are starting to institute other kinds of restrictive speech and communication policies. Here are two people who do have something helpful to add, though:

Treatment, not Trigger Warnings

Trigger Warnings and the Novelist's Mind

On balancing intellectual and economic pressures in academic publishing:

A World Digital Library is Coming True!

More on rescuing the Timbuktu MSS:

The Book Rustlers of Timbuktu

Penn's Schoenberg Institute is posting video introductions to many of the objects in their collection:

Forget about the two-body problem. Some thoughts on the one-body problem:

Wandering Scholars in Search of Tenure and Love

The homage-to-Borges is a very dangerous genre. This example of it, though, is wonderful:

Adventures in the Branch Library of Babel

This is the tweet of the week. Nice to see a historian being open to some of the fluidities between historical and literary study and writing:

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