Monday, May 19, 2014

God Sayve All The Rowte!*

(*Or, way to quote Chaucer totally out of context...)

I visited the Cloisters today for the final day of the exhibition of stained glass panels from the Canterbury Cathedral, which are traveling while restoration work is underway at the cathedral. With the caveat that tripods are allowed only on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, here are some images of the panels:

A floral border panel was installed so as to be viewable in the round:


My iPhone died last week, and I was anxious to try out the much-touted camera on my replacement. Compare these two photos, taken with the Nikon J1 with which I have a deeply ambivalent relationship...

with these two taken with the iPhone:

And once more for the west coast:




But ultimately, without a tripod it becomes more an exercise in sight lines...

... people-watching...

... capturing images that will be useful in illustrating scale and context in lectures for students and for public outreach...

... and the one-off, obligatory Monty Python visual gag ('tis but a flesh wound!):


  1. J1 wins in my view. Sorry.

  2. Why sorry? The iPhone is shooting more for the shadows, which should theoretically make those easier to touch up in Photoshop, but realistically, I need to try the experiment again in a setting that's less crowded and jostley (small gallery, middle of the day on the Sunday that a special exhibition is closing). The trouble with the J1, I think I've told you, is that I just feel like I have to fight it too hard to wrest it into a fully manual mode and I don't like the decisions it makes automatically...