Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week in Links (Old Ironsides Edition)

Things may be different in mathematics and the sciences, but having been on the receiving end of a paper rejection because the reviewer just wasn't very excited about my article, all I can think is that this person is on a power trip and doing a colleague and their field a disservice.

"The paper does represent a huge amount of work, but other researchers would have probably done something more appealing with the data than the authors."

Your Paper is Really Boring


I really want this job. It is clearly covert ops masquerading as a librarianship:

Position Available: Private Library in Abu Dhabi


I have started watching Elementary because of this:

I started at the beginning, although I suspect that might have been overkill as far as getting the Ibn Gabirol reference in its context. It's not very tightly written, but (with one notable exception so far) it's a great New York show, much of which is shot in my neighborhood. It's also inducing tremendous guilt as I think about how little Conan Doyle I've read.


Some reportage on a new tumblr on people of color in medieval art. An impressive project, although I do question the level of sophistication and depth of someone working on such a project who still refers to Spanish Muslims by the racially charged and imprecise term "moors." That's a layperson's mistake.

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