Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week in Links (No Password Needed Edition)

Early modern crypto-Jews and art auctions. What could be bad?

Big Sell at Sotheby's for Painting of a Boy at the Center of Notorious Historical Case


"There's a basic question: is she more committed to improving the lives of adjuncts and unemployed PhDs, or to celebrating the demise of the old academic model and mocking those still trying to navigate within it?"

With the caveat that nobody deserves the kind of online harassment and abuse that Slate's new higher ed/post-ac columnist has received of late, the blog post that I've just quoted from precisely identifies the problem I see with her work:

If I can't love her, no one will


This is an old post, but was tweeted this week by one of the digital humanities folks I follow and is on a topic close to my heart at present:

Peer Review or Smear Review?

And another academia hobby horse of mine:

Whose Dissertation is it, Anyway?

Apparently medieval Arabic poetry is nearly lost and obscure if the countertenor currently performing their works set to music had never heard of them before coming across their work in  a used bookstore:

Four Arab Love Songs

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