Monday, February 4, 2013

Live-Tweeting the Breaking Medieval News

What started as one insomniacal expression of dramatic tension and a few retweets and then one tweet of my own with a quotation I liked from the Richard III press conference turned into a full-on live tweeting of the thing. It was kind of fun, a way to feel like I was participating, and a good way to channel the excitement and suspense, but I'd definitely not want to live-tweet academic papers as some people do. Even putting aside the intellectual property issues, it pulls just enough attention away that following a press conference for lay people was no problem but I could tell I was just distracted enough that I'd have had a hard time if it had been an academic argument.

For the record, this is what my Twitter feed looked like at 6am, once it was all over, inverted for ease of reading (that is, no need to scroll to the bottom and read up — do click on the jump to see all of it, though):

Updated on 2/5 to include the rest of the day:

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