Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Laundromat Forest

The Laundromat Forest: It sounds like it could be the setting of a children's book.

My priorities are definitely not normal. I'm in the city that witnessed the birth of my country. There are three major museums on the route between my apartment and the grocery store. And I'm out photographing a laundromat with trees and a sky.

There are certain plants, like the Alexanderleaf, that are native to the ruins of English monasteries. I wonder if there is anything similar that grows natively only in the ruins of American laundromats.

The phone books stacked in a corner were dated September 1982-August 1983, so this ruin and I are of the same vintage. I'm pleased to be in much better shape.


  1. consider the Frank-linen-tree? the Washing-ton bush?

  2. I was thinking Laundromatsylvania, but that might be a little obscure.

  3. This is a job for Norton Juster ....

  4. I had Mary Norton or Maurice Sendak more in mind...