Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Fortnight's Worth of Links

This is a devastatingly sad story — really, physically painful to read — made much stranger when you recognize the names of the vast majority of the people involved.

I officially love Mary Beard. Still. Or again. Or wherever I left off loving her the last time she was fantastic and forthright about the academy in public. There's a lot of academic writing that happens just for the sake of performance and not because it actually improves things. Here she argues that we should put a little less effort into looking smart and just get on with being smart:


Those are the highlights. Here are some more:

Theme and variation on Spain-and-the-Jews:

Black Hats for Brooklyn

Two new web sites:

The Monastic Manuscript Project

Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam

I wish I'd thought more carefully about these things this time last year:

Goals for First Year on TT?

It's the zombie apocalypse of grammar! Run!:

Nominalizations are Zombie Nouns

Some more writing on writing:

How to Write Great (this is one of four that can all be accessed from this link)

Do We Need to Write and Publish So Much Theory (part I)

My Life as an Editor (part II)

And a different genre that I love:

The Lost Art of Postcard Writing


I thought there were more that I'd come across this week, but I suppose not.

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