Friday, May 11, 2012

Alexander the Great and the Almohad Empire in Convenient Portable Document Format

In conclusion to the saga of the open access for my short little essay, here is the PDF copy that I uploaded to (In related news, I fully expect that site to get exponentially creepier now that I've got work posted.)

Alexander and the Almohads: Telling the stories of antiquity before and after Las Navas

In a way, I'm sorry that the first thing that I have in print is a short little essay rather than a research article that shows off the full range and depth of my skills. Perhaps its good, though, in a way, in that it allows me a little more time to develop those skills before they're completely on show for the world and posterity. I feel marginally less odd about having a tenure track job and having no publications now, but only marginally since it's such a silly little thing. I don't mean to talk it down, of course. It's a good little essay, and it does stake out the ground for what I hope my second book project will look like; and it was useful to write it because it let me start to think about the issues before having them all fully worked out.

I also really like being able to write a sort of supra-commentary on the process here. I think that's quite good.

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