Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Week in Links (9/19-25)

There were some unusually interesting links that came across my (electronic) desk this week, so I thought I'd aggregate them here:

With the photographer having spent a year there, I wish there were more and better pictures, but still worth a read/view. Can't wait to go see the new galleries!: 

This came across one of the listserves that I'm on. For me it was especially salient because I'm teaching a totally reconceptualized intro survey course for the first time this semester; but it'll also be interesting to people who aren't doing that but do have to think about the relationship between canon and teaching (or, frankly, canon and anything else):

And finally, not strictly speaking from this week (or even close to it, really), but this was new to me this week via another one of the listserves.   I was very pleased to see it. I may even print out a copy to tuck in my back pocket before visiting certain American manuscript collections:


  1. Well, hello. I just discovered your blog. I hope you keep writing, we need more Hispanists in the blogosphere.

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting! I've actually been reading your blog for a bit — I think I found it in the wake of Antonio Calvo's death, if I'm remembering correctly. I'm definitely planning to keep at it (time permitting, of course), in the hopes that it'll be a way to expand the range of people I'm talking to about the profession and intellectual questions.