Sunday, September 25, 2011

Damn you, autocorrect. Library edition.

I'm slightly down on the state of the world's libraries and even my very favorite one can't escape entirely.

I was running out of ways to transliterate the name of the subject of my dissertation so that the catalogue would bring up the record and call number of a particular edition of one of his works that I knew to be part of the collection.

Spelling his name that way never occurred to me. It didn't help any more than the others, as it happens.

And as much as I knew that I was also looking for a particular large, multi-volume work the exact title of which I did not remember, I didn't really anticipate needing a bigger boat:


  1. I was encouraged to visit you by Spanish Prof on her blog. I am very interested in the history & culture of the Iberian peninsula between the invasion of the "Alani et Wandali et Suevi" and the ascension of the fratricide, Enrique de Trastámara. My education in the topic is limited to self investigation and LIBRO at Central Arkansas University. So finding a medievalist's blog is a great resource.

    I have great sympathy for your frustration. I will be rapidly typing a paper with a short deadline and despite several paragraphs in Spanish, Word will decide to auto correct "mucho" to "much" or "mã" in Portuguese will become "Ma" in English. It is very irritating and very difficult to catch if I am proofing quickly, or sometimes even if I am proofing carefully.

  2. Welcome!

    Actually, I was much more amused by this than I was frustrated. (Google the phrase "damn you, autocorrect," and you'll see that that's the typical usage.)