Sunday, October 6, 2013

Avoiding Panic Through List-Making

As you may have gathered, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed on the verge of an all-out panic attack with what I have to accomplish this week. I am giving two talks (and am wasting a lot of energy being angry with myself for agreeing to one of them, which will be happening in between teaching my two classes on Monday, which is already a long day for me). My master to-do list is such a mess of my impossible handwriting, cross-outs, additions, and strange vector annotations that I'm just going to make a nice, clean, black-and-white list for myself for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Must happen today:
[[Grade 16 8 4 3 2 1 freshman essays]]
Prep freshman seminar (general plan done, just need to annotate texts for quick reference in discussion)*
Prep senior seminar
Finish writing Vanderbilt guest lecture (what was I thinking?!)*
Change the cat litter
Clean kitchen

*waking up early Tuesday to finish these.

Must happen this week:
Write Friday colloquium talk
Practice giving friday colloquium talk
Prepare spreadsheet for department budget committee meeting
Compile writing plan for writing group
Make work plan for fall break
Submit AOS abstract
File research account paperwork

Would be nice to have happen this week:
Read/translate Halevi's Risala on Arabic meters
Return to work on poetry/poetics book chapter
Finish medieval women for non-academic readers piece

Things that need to happen related to this week's work but don't necessarily need to be finished this week:
Transform colloquium talk into Gedenkschrift article (for a general medieval audience)
Polish book chapter related to colloquium talk for distribution to the Mediterranean Seminar (for a specialist medieval audience)
Grade seniors' essays

I'll leave making plans for the rest of the stuff encroaching in on me until Wednesday or Friday. Can only do so much at a time.

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