Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week in Links (Followup Edition)

There seems to be something in the water up in Ithaca:

Email Impersonating Skorton May Be Criminal

And apropos of the first incident of a Cornell student impersonating a member of faculty over email, which I linked to in the last roundup, how not to apologize: Say you're sorry but that the technology shouldn't have made it possible for you to misbehave:

An Open Letter of Apology

I may end up writing a full post about this, but for now, just the link. It's an interesting possibility but I think this articulation is a bit of a reductio ad absurdum:

Friendship as a Way of Life

Joe Nocera doesn't really say anything new here, but it's worth repeating. And I do like his way of framing the issue of university rankings as being one of which model of education you want to promote, and being aware, if one is going to take them into account, that that's what's going on:

The College Rankings Racket

I'm totally late to the party on this one, although I did read a variety of irritated blog posts when they first appeared and just sort of forgot to link to them. I'll just link to one now; you can google for others. I'm not justifying the criterion, but none of the outraged blog posts mentioned the fact that the proposal to declare a lost generation of PhDs and just start hiring the newly minted as a way to ease up the job market actually grew out of a discussion at the MLA last year (the link to the report of which I, of course, cannot find right now). Not saying that makes it any better; just helpful to have all the pieces at hand when arguing.

Old PhDs Need Not Apply

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